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The December issue of the Scotsman Guide: Commercial Edition features an article by Sandy Herrick, founder and managing principal of Case, discussing opportunities in the post-recession marketplace. Here is an excerpt:

“During the market’s recovery from the worst recession since The Great Depression, a vast number of once-underwater commercial assets – transitional properties – were recapitalized through private-lending sources, with the goal of achieving conventional financing after stabilization. While the low-hanging fruit has now been tended to, a wide range of opportunities remain for private lenders to work with experienced owners and developers in unlocking the true value of properties.

A question often asked is, ‘What qualifies as a transitional project?’ The answer is that this market includes myriad assets experiencing capital, cash-flow, maintenance or positioning issues. The range includes properties that have been damaged through owner negligence and those that are undersized for their market sector, requiring expansion and upgrades, as well as gentrifying neighborhoods.”

Click here to read the entire article or give Sandy Herrick a call at 201-845-4244 to discuss current opportunities in the marketplace.

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