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National Mortgage News featured an article by Sanford Herrick, founder & managing principal. Below is an excerpt:

The market for real estate, much like the broader market today, is unsteady. Investors are often faced with a choice of investing in lower-yield properties, or parking their funds in near-zero-rate liquid investments and taking a wait-and-see attitude for opportunities that may offer better yields.

This kind of environment is particularly concerning, because with so much money sitting on the sidelines, there’s a temptation among some investors, particularly the newer ones, to get excited when they spot something that appears to offer a better opportunity. Often, these newbies will substantially overpay just to get into what they think is a good deal. Click here to read more.

A northern N.J.-based commercial real estate investment firm, Case concentrates on transactions in the $2.5 million to $50 million range for transitional properties in the New York metro area and south Florida, as well as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Case is active as a high-yield private lender; a financier of transitional properties; a purchaser of performing, sub- and non-performing debt; and a mezzanine and equity investor. Funds can be deployed as real estate debt purchases, bridge and acquisition loans or rescue and restructure capital. Case is one of the leading bridge lenders in New Jersey, New York and Florida.


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