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Scotsman Guide: Commercial Edition featured Sanford Herrick’s article entitled “Rising Interest Rates Signal New Investment Climate: Be Flexible and Identify the Right Lending Partners for Your Deals” in its September issue. Below is an excerpt:

“Historically low interest rates over the past decade have set the stage for many commercial real estate developers to easily obtain conventional financing in order to build, acquire, renovate or reposition a wide variety of properties. This access to capital has enabled them to quickly act on new opportunities in the marketplace while realizing healthy investment returns. Gradually increasing interest rates, combined with a bullish stock market and fewer real estate prospects in some major metro markets, however, will likely put pricing pressure on commercial and industrial properties going forward. Still, astute investors and commercial mortgage brokers working in these areas should be able to find attractive deals.” Click here to read the full article in Scotsman Guide.

Case is a commercial real estate investment company with discretionary capital. The company is active as a high-yield private lender; a financier of transitional properties; a purchaser of performing, sub- and non-performing debt; and a mezzanine and equity investor. Founded in 2013 by industry veteran Sanford Herrick and joined by yet another industry veteran, Chris Mavros in 2014, Case provides flexible, dependable financing solutions for transitional properties located in the New York metropolitan area, as well as throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions and in south Florida. Responding to the middle market’s need for smart situational capital, the company has already surpassed the $150,000,000 mark in investments and continues to ramp up activities. Case is one of the leading bridge lenders in New Jersey, New York and Florida.

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